How it works

How it works

The Modcharger™ simply connects to the AC regulator on your scooter. It then uses a bridge rectifier, smoothing circuit and voltage regulator to produce  safe, constant, 12V DC supply capable of charging your accessories up to 1 Amp. 

This allows you to charge mobiles phones, sat navs, MP3s, LEDs etc.  Most customers use a 12V to USB adaptor with The Modcharger™. The Modcharger™ is protected with a 2 Amp in-line fuse. 

Watch the video

Watchh our short 2 minute video showing how easy the Modcharger™ is to connect. In this video we fit to a 3 Pin Regulator but it's just as easy for a 5 Pin Regulator.


Here is a connection diagram showing the before and after wiring for both 3 Pin and 5 Pin Regulators. There is no need for soldering or splitting connections. It's 2 wires - plug and play!  See some real customers' pictures.


Before and after fitting (3 Pin Regulator)



Before and after fitting (5 Pin Regulator)



Download the User Guide here

Modcharger User Guide