Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers which will help you decide if Modcharger™ is for you and your scooter. If your question is not listed please contact us and we will give you the answer.


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Will it charge my phone?

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target_icon Why do I need a Modcharger™?

So your mobile phone and Sat Nav, etc can be charged up on a ride out or rally weekend. Handy if you breakdown or get lost.


target_icon Does Modcharger™ work with 3 Pin Regulators like on a Lambretta?



target_icon Does Modcharger™ work with 5 Pin Regulators like on a Vespa with a battery?



target_icon My scooter does not have a battery can I use Modcharger™?

Yes. That's exactly why we invented it. So long as you have a 12 VAC regulator.


target_icon My scooter does have a battery can I still use Modcharger™?



target_icon Will Modcharger™ work with my scooter?

Modcharger™has been fitted to many vintage scooters Lambrettas, LML, Vespas, Piaggios and the like with no problem. If you want to check please contact us to find out.


target_icon Will it affect my scooter electrics, lights or ignition?

Definitely not. Don't worry - in any case Modcharger is protected with a 2 Amp quick blow fuse and Thermal Overload in case you wire it up incorrectly.


target_icon Will it spoil the looks of my scooter?

No way would we allow that - it's hidden out of sight.


target_icon Where does Modcharger™ connect to on my scooter?


To the spade terminals on the 3 Pin regulator for none-battery scooters or the 5 Pin regulator on battery scooters. See here.


target_icon Where do most customers mount the Modcharger™?

The charger unit is typically mounted on the frame near the regulator above the rear mudguard, with the 12V DC connector under the seat or in the toolbox. See pictures here...


target_icon Will it make my scooter slower or faster?

Neither but it will make it cooler :-)




target_icon How do you ship in the UK?

We use Royal Mail 1st Class so you will receive your order the next working day.


target_icon Do you ship to Europe?

Yes by Airmail and it takes 2-3 days to arrive.


target_icon Do you ship to USA and Canada?

Yes by Airmail and it takes 2-3 days to arrive


target_icon Do you ship to the Rest of the World
Yes by Airmail and it takes 3-5 days to arrive.


target_icon How much is shipping?

UK is £3.20, Airmail to Europe is £5, North America £6 and Rest of World £8.


What it will work with


target_icon Will Modcharger™power my iPhone?

Yes. All Apple products - iPod, iPhone4/5/6, iPad have all been tested. See here for devices.


target_icon Will Modcharger™power my Sat Nav?

Yes. We have tested extensively with TomTom, Garmin, NavMan etc. See here for devices.


target_icon Will Modcharger™power my MP3?

Yes, of course. See here for devices.


target_icon I want to check if my device will work with Modcharger™

Feel free to contact us and we will check and let you know.


target_icon Can I use a 12V to USB in-car adaptor with it?

Yes. We recommend iBox as giving a true 5V 1 Amp output


target_icon What if it doesn't work?

We will try to help you out as best as we can, if it still doesn't work you can send it back and we will refund you. The returns policy is here





target_icon What voltage and current does Modcharger™ provide?

12 Volts DC up to 1 Amp.


target_icon What size is it?

The Modcharger™ module measures 64mm x 35mm x 22mm.


target_icon How long is the Cable?

The cable is 1m long so you can route it to where you want on your scooter.


target_icon Is Modcharger™ dust proof and waterproof?

Modcharger is IP54 rated meaning it will not be affected by dust and can withstand splashing water OK. We have actually submerged a Modcharger™ during testing and found it to be fine.




target_icon How long does it take to fit Modcharger™?

About 5 minutes no wire cutting, soldering or crimping is needed. See here


target_icon Do I need to be an expert with scooters to fit Modcharger™?

No. A simple user guide is supplied and anyone can fit it plus you can alwayscontact us for help and we would be delighted to assist you.


target_icon Do I need any special tools to fit Modcharger™?

No tools at all.


target_icon Do I need to make any modifications to my scooter?

Not at all. See these pictures





target_icon Who invented Modcharger™?

I did. A scooter enthusiast and Bachelor of Electronics and, yes, I have one on my TV 175 Series 3 Lambretta :-)


target_icon Can I be a reseller of Modcharger™?

Please contact us.


target_icon Where is Modcharger™ manufactured?

In Cheshire, England, UK. Rest assured it is a quality product




Modcharger User Guide